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Getting Started with Asset Bank

Welcome to the Massey University Media Library

Massey University staff members may access this library using their existing login credentials.  Those who do not have access, click on register top right to apply.

An approval process operates for most download requests. This site is monitored Monday-Friday, please allow 48 hours for approval process to be completed.  

 You can find images and documents by:

·      entering a keyword into the Quick Search, 

·      performing an advanced search by clicking 'More' and then 'Advanced search' or 

·      by browsing the categories under 'Browse'.

 How do I download an asset?

When viewing an asset there will be a download button on the right hand side of the page that will take you to the download screen

If your permissions mean that you need approval before you can download an asset then you will need to add the relevant assets to your Lightbox before requesting this approval and starting the download process.

All approved assets will now be listed under the section ‘Ready to download' of your Lightbox.


Can I download multiple asset at the same time?

Yes. You can download multiple files at the same time by selecting multiple images and then using the download option on browse, search, or lightbox pages.

For example you are searching for 4 images, rather than downloading them individually; you can just add them to your lightbox and download them all at the same time as a set.



What is “Lightbox”?

Think of a lightbox as your own 'shopping basket' where you can add and store your favourite content, ready to download at your convenience.

 The assets in your lightbox are grouped by the permissions that you have for those assets, such as 'Ready to download', 'Approval required', and 'Approval rejected'. 

I have some images that I want to upload to Asset Bank

 Sounds great. Please email the Marketing Team at and we'll get you set up.